Dark Universe Soul Flames And New Music

Starting with the future and working backwards in time…

My musical career has taken a lot of twists and turns over the years, but I can say I have had some great experiences, including some major let downs and some wonderful highs.

Interestingly enough, one of my main influences is progressive rock. Usually the darker the better! Over the years I have also fought many internal battles, and this does tend to find its way into my songs, but only the ones I never play to people.

I have amassed a bit of a collection recently that thematically are fairly dark, introspective, very angry in parts, and not really the sort of rock or metal that I have been most associated with. If nothing else, I have put a lot of heart into the material, explored more spiritual realms, and stepped right outside the comfort zone, taken some chances.

I have two wonderful friends in Donna Greene and Craig Skelton working on the material with me, and do hope to enlist some more special collaborators as the project gathers pace. Doing a project like this really opens you up to be as expressive as you can possibly be, and that is the hope, that I can make something happen that really hits a few raw nerves!

I do look forward to sharing more of this with you as the path becomes clearer, and the songs shape themselves into what they are destined to become. If you are interested, please check back here, hopefully there may be a few tasters to be had along the way!

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