Pandora’s Box, What’s Inside?

The latest Dark Universe release, Pandora’s Box ushers in a new chapter in the Dark matters of the universe story book.

Pandora originated from the ashes of what was a brutally heavy demo inspired by The Handmaids Tale book and TV series, entitled ‘Bastardes Tyrannis’.

The song was allowed to develop into new form, finding its way into the D’Verse gravitational pull. The subject matter lightened up a little and Donna and I put quite a bit of work into multiple lyrical revisions, eventually becoming Pandora’s Box.

Check out Pandora on Reverbnation.

The backing was recorded by myself (Jaime) on Pro Tools and Donna adding vocals in the ‘inspiration room’ with Graham Greene at the console. The track was then reconstructed and mixed by J. The process was consistent with D’Verse’s Why Can’t I Be You.

And so, we venture into a brave new world post Dark Universe Mark 1 and the D’Verse electronic project. Essentially the two projects have been merged and will move forward as a ‘Jaime Page’ project, but with guest appearances as the music progresses. (As in the ‘feat. Donna G’ on Pandora). For future releases most vocal duties will be carried by J unless otherwise credited.

In a new era of music making where everything has changed, there was a realisation that one had to change with it, and the stripped back approach of D’Verse seemed the way forward, but bringing along the heavier guitar stylings and darker melodic nature of DU.

Expect much more in the coming few months as the music develops and the Dark Universe/D’Verse spirals collide.

Thanks for reading, listening and being so supportive!

Jaime Page, July 2019.

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