Pandora’s Box, What’s Inside?

The latest Dark Universe release, Pandora’s Box ushers in a new chapter in the Dark matters of the universe story book.

Pandora originated from the ashes of what was a brutally heavy demo inspired by The Handmaids Tale book and TV series, entitled ‘Bastardes Tyrannis’.

The song was allowed to develop into new form, finding its way into the D’Verse gravitational pull. The subject matter lightened up a little and Donna and I put quite a bit of work into multiple lyrical revisions, eventually becoming Pandora’s Box.

Check out Pandora on Reverbnation.

The backing was recorded by myself (Jaime) on Pro Tools and Donna adding vocals in the ‘inspiration room’ with Graham Greene at the console. The track was then reconstructed and mixed by J. The process was consistent with D’Verse’s Why Can’t I Be You.

And so, we venture into a brave new world post Dark Universe Mark 1 and the D’Verse electronic project. Essentially the two projects have been merged and will move forward as a ‘Jaime Page’ project, but with guest appearances as the music progresses. (As in the ‘feat. Donna G’ on Pandora). For future releases most vocal duties will be carried by J unless otherwise credited.

In a new era of music making where everything has changed, there was a realisation that one had to change with it, and the stripped back approach of D’Verse seemed the way forward, but bringing along the heavier guitar stylings and darker melodic nature of DU.

Expect much more in the coming few months as the music develops and the Dark Universe/D’Verse spirals collide.

Thanks for reading, listening and being so supportive!

Jaime Page, July 2019.

Guitar As Voice

Jaime Page

It appears that there is a little more interest in some of my experimental solo guitar tracks, which is a pleasant surprise. What a great excuse to do a few more!

Anyway, check out the VIP bonus track version of SS Rejected from Into The Black and a demo called Open Your Heart, which would have been on the first album but never made it. 

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Lightning In A Bottle – The Around The Sound Interview

Dark Universe The Band

Click here to read an in-depth article written by Shane Pinnegar. We dug pretty deep here as Shane knows how to get the best out of me!

Lightning In A Bottle…

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“It’s interesting you say that, actually,” Page responds humbly. “We’re not contrived with how we approach it, but that’s how I work: it’s all about emotion. Everything is about emotion, and we had that many moments in the studio that those tingles just kept coming back time and time again as we kept tweaking and playing with things, and there were tears from different people at different times.

“We saw these weird little emotional responses going on, because we were hitting some really, really powerful places. We were getting right to the heart of things… because with me there is no middle ground – if I’m feeling something, I’m gonna write about it.”

Travel Into The Black With Dark Universe

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D’Verse – Our Elektrik Revolution

D’Verse is a sister project of Dark Universe. Stripped back, simple and hooky, we get to explore our poppier, experimental side. As with all Dark Universe related projects, the influences run deep!

We unleash the full original set at The Civic Hotel in Inglewood on Thursday, January 24 with an hour set as a part of the Double Showcase with friend and guitar wonder-person Graham Greene.

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Whatever Song Lyrics



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It’s whatever you want it to be…

Pictures lie in broken glass
Black and white is fading fast
Waiting for the world to end
Somethings never built to last…


The love you never thought to find
Passed you by and left you behind

It’s whatever you want it to be…

Spoken Word

Pictures of a broken dream
Shattered words and endless scenes
Time knows the reasons why
Don’t assume you were born to die

The remnants of a broken heart
The script you never thought you’d start

It’s whatever you want it to be…


© Dark Universe – Jaime Page 2018.


Ancientvisionz Interview Jaime Page Dark Universe

Read the interview on Ancientvisionz with Jaime Page (Me!) on all things Dark Universe.


1. How would you describe your music?

I think my music is always evolving and can be difficult for me to categorise as such. On any given day it can veer from dramatic and heavy to bright and tender. My original intent was to create music that hard a dark, ethereal beauty.

2. What gave you the idea for the single title? 

Weight of the World reflects a crushing weight of oppression. It is quite universal. That oppression could be political, societal or simply the weight of one’s own expectations. The song title is often the starting point for my writing as it gives me an image in my mind’s eye with which to paint the music. I love titles that imply heaviness and I guess Weight of the World does that!

3. Do you work together with others in the writing process?

My songs are always fully formed before I present them to the band but I leave heaps of room…

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