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Dark Universe The Band

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Lightning In A Bottle…

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“It’s interesting you say that, actually,” Page responds humbly. “We’re not contrived with how we approach it, but that’s how I work: it’s all about emotion. Everything is about emotion, and we had that many moments in the studio that those tingles just kept coming back time and time again as we kept tweaking and playing with things, and there were tears from different people at different times.

“We saw these weird little emotional responses going on, because we were hitting some really, really powerful places. We were getting right to the heart of things… because with me there is no middle ground – if I’m feeling something, I’m gonna write about it.”

Travel Into The Black With Dark Universe

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Ancientvisionz Interview Jaime Page Dark Universe

Read the interview on Ancientvisionz with Jaime Page (Me!) on all things Dark Universe.


1. How would you describe your music?

I think my music is always evolving and can be difficult for me to categorise as such. On any given day it can veer from dramatic and heavy to bright and tender. My original intent was to create music that hard a dark, ethereal beauty.

2. What gave you the idea for the single title? 

Weight of the World reflects a crushing weight of oppression. It is quite universal. That oppression could be political, societal or simply the weight of one’s own expectations. The song title is often the starting point for my writing as it gives me an image in my mind’s eye with which to paint the music. I love titles that imply heaviness and I guess Weight of the World does that!

3. Do you work together with others in the writing process?

My songs are always fully formed before I present them to the band but I leave heaps of room…

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Rock & Roll’s Maria Haskins Reviews Into The Black

Rock & Roll Maria Into The Black Review

Many thanks to Maria Haskins at Rock & Roll mag for truly getting us.

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Album review – JAIME PAGE’S DARK UNIVERSE “Into the Black”

DU-IntoTheBlack2017-coversampleTwo years ago, Jaime Page released an astounding EP called “Dark Universe” that absolutely floored me. Now, Page and the band (Craig Skelton, Michael Burn, and vocalist Donna Greene) are back with a new album called “Into The Black”. Before listening to my advance copy of this release, I wondered what to expect. “Dark Universe” seemed to be such a singular achievement. I needn’t have worried. “Dark Universe” was obviously only one step in the remarkable musical journey of Jaime Page’s Dark Universe.

“Into the Black” is a spectacular release on every level. Each track is a heavy, melodic gem, full of fire and darkness and emotions. There’s a depth and grandeur to this release that made Pink Floyd come to mind more than once as I listened. Not because this sounds like Pink Floyd, really, but because Pink Floyd is another band that has this kind of epic feel to their music.

Just like “Dark Universe”, “Into The Black” conjures a lot of its magic in the alchemy between Donna Greene’s masterful vocals and Jaime’s inspired guitar-work. You can hear it right away on the soaring “7th Heaven”, a melodic hard-rock beauty with echoes of The Beatles (goodbye hello). On “Weight of the World” the magic is darker, and the tune has a fierce, dark and almost operatic vibe, with a chilling rendition of Rule Britannia making an appearance (“masters of all that destroys us“). I get serious chills listening to this track.


Title track “Into the Black” is another one of my favourites, with riffs heavy enough to rattle all your bones, a gorgeous melodic depth below the riffs, and a raw and harrowing strength in Donna Greene’s outstanding vocals.

You can pick any track on this release – there’s not a weak one in the bunch.

There’s the sadness and melodic poetry of “Bleed Me Dry”; the almost otherworldly emotional and majestic feel of “Don’t Go”; and the all-out rocking awesomeness of “God Help the Rest of Us” (“life sucks and then you die“).

I just can’t overstate how excellent this release is. There’s a lot of darkness here to be sure, but at every turn, there is also light shining through that darkness. On “Shatter”, for example, the sheer emotional power of the music and lyrics gives me goosebumps and even makes me tear up. And “Falling In A Dream” is a freaking marvel of a tune – a dreamy and beautiful darkness, with that light glistening on top.

“Whatever” is another devastatingly good tune, softer and slower, as the lyrics speak about anxiety and depression and fear and how all things must end, with Page’s guitar shimmering through it all like a bit of hope shining through the clouds. The gentle vibe is there again on “Alone at the End of the World”, a tune that is a divine slice of gentle, wistful sadness.

My verdict: this album is one of the best things I’ve heard all year.

The CD launch for “Into the Black” takes place on April 28th at Badlands Bar in Perth. Find all the details on the band’s website:

Track of the Day – JAIME PAGE’S DARK UNIVERSE ‘If’

Dark Universe The Band

Thank you, Maria! Love you so much!

Rock And Roll


I mentioned this tune in a post earlier this year about the new album coming from Jaime Page’s Dark Universe (read all about it) and it has haunted me since I watched the video. It is such a beautiful tune, and the fact that this live-version just about breaks my heart and heals it again is really something. Spectacular performances from the band and a special mention for vocalist Donna Greene who is just astonishing (as always).

Give this a listen, and read my interview with Jaime Page. Find out all the details about the album on the Dark Universe website.

Page had this to say about ‘If’:

From Jaime: If constantly reminds me to tell the ones dear to me that I love them. It also tells a story of loss and wishing you had taken a different course in life. Ultimately though, it serves as…

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Dark Universe Review Matt Kenney

Matt Kenney is one of those folks that you instantly feel gets you. I had to post his blinding Facebook review here because he shares some very insightful thoughts. I thank Matt deeply for the following article. JP

Holy Sh…
This is an amazing Album.
Kicking off with the Dark and Beautiful Deepest Black, a moving, epic , act, that is testament to the long and varied career and personal journey of the extremely talented Jaime Page. With such rich life experiences there has evolved a master writer ‘full of deep feeling and emotion, and the talent to reproduce this in the most beautiful form of music.

Next up xxx27. An energetic galloping number beautifully highlighting Donnas extremely potent vocal strength.

Letting go is a gentle lighter serve with outstanding production and again the vocals.
The absolutely brilliant Dark Universe. What an outstanding title number.

“If this doesn’t go down as one of the best rock productions, I’ll eat my scrotum.”

This is musical theatre at its best. Powerful, emotional with a palpable dose of feeling.
Goodbye Angel rounds off this feast of finesse and the latter part showcases perfectly Jaime’s skills and well-earned title of Queen of the machine. I thoroughly enjoyed this journey.

The writing, arrangement and production are mindblowing. But this would mean but nil, had there not been musicians with the required depth unquestionable ability, and foremost, the feeling, to interpret and touch this music in the way necessary to bring it forth as it has been here.

This is art at another level. Pure and performed with a level of feeling and finesse rarely witnessed. A privilege to behold.

I get the feeling that there were many equally momentous songs, not included in this presentation that could have been if not for the restriction of disc size. I am looking forward to the future unveiling of these works for us all to enjoy.

My hat goes off to the hard work evident by all the crew involved in bringing to surface this gem.

Matt Kenney: Via Facebook

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The Rockpit Interview



“If you only knew Jaime Page from previous work nothing will prepare you for the heartfelt majesty of her solo release ‘Dark Universe’. Catch it all played live at the Charles Hotel Perth (not the Civic as advertised below – this just grew a lot bigger) on April 29th, it’s a night not to miss.” Mark Rockpit April 2016.


Planet Transgender Articles

Many thanks to Planet Transgender for taking the time to talk to me about my music and my journey. Ariel, you are a wonder!

There are two articles. An interview and a Dark Universe CD review. Click the links below to read the full stories.


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Jaime Page Interviews And Reviews

Here are some recent articles from Maria Haskins and an article from Perth Now/Sunday Times Confidential.

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