Australian Guitar Mag Article

Recently, one of my childhood dreams came true with the publication of my story in Australian Guitar Magazine. That is one of the proudest moments.

Peter Hodgson wrote a superb, sensitive article that will live with me forever as one of the highlights of my life.

Not only that but the issue features Prince on the cover. The Prince and Princess of rock as my beloved partner put it! Plus you get FREE purple picks, and heaps of other great articles. It is certainly a collectors edition for me. I have a horde piled up already, sealed of course.

Support this excellent magazine and the guitarists they help to promote. Subscribe and show your love for this legendary instrument that we all get so obsessive about!

UPDATE: Melbourne Guitar Show August 6/7 2016

If you are in Melbourne for the Australian Guitar Show, be sure to stop by the Peavey stand and say hi to Sandra Calvezzi. Sandra will be promoting Peavey, but will also have some copies of Dark Universe available, and we may have some copies of the mag also to give away for the first few copies sold.


Yoga Mala – Zen Flow For Moi

I am deeply humbled to have this beautiful Yoga Mala dedicated to me. I cannot thank Honey at Yoga Zenith enough for this honor, as well as our lovely group of gorgeous girls of which Kerry and I have grown to love.

This event comes during a time of major change in my life, and there will be no going back. It has been an amazing journey, spiritually, emotionally and physically. My transition is soon to reach it’s natural conclusion, and this is perfect timing.

Yoga Mala – Zen Flow For Jaime Page – Event Link

Now and Zen something special happens in the universe, and I feel blessed to have found my way here.

Our sessions are the highlight of my week, and I always walk away feeling loved, refreshed, beautiful and happy.


Learn more about Yoga Zenith here.


From Honey @ Yoga Zenith on Facebook

Yes, Yes, Yes! It’s time for YOGA MALA!! A very special one indeed!

When Jaime Page first came to attend my yoga class 4 months ago, with her partner, I welcomed them both as all other students with whom I share practices. Soon after that, I felt so honour that Jaime wrote to me to share her story, her journey.
I will now let you explore to read more about Jaime here & sincerely hope her story touch your hearts. Like it does, with mine!

To all my students who practised Yoga Mala in the past with me, you know our traditions, practising Yoga Mala to celebrate Equinox! All proceeds from Yoga Mala Practices by Yoga Zenith are to be donated to community causes!

And this time, our Mala is to help a friend, a member of our extended family!

With so much love & respect to Jaime & her partner Kerry, I would like to dedicate this practice of YOGA Mala to them both!

The Equinox is one of the most powerful days of the year, a time of balance and renewal when our mind, body and spirit open themselves up to receive the revitalizing Prana of the earth and sun.

We will celebrate this shift in the seasons with a transformative celebration of 108 sun salutations to honor the sun, the earth, and our own spirit.

A Yoga Mala is a series of 108 Sun Salutations, as an energizing, healing, and meditative way to welcome the change of season, to share energy, sweat, rejuvenate, and express gratitude for the many blessings of life.

This is an amazing opportunity to burn off any ‘crud’ in the system, and to empower yourself to move into your life fearlessly.

Do not fret, this is a lot easier than it sounds! The collective power of the group will create the fuel to support you in this fun, heart-opening practice. And yes, the more people, the better!
Equinox is a time of balancing in our lives, representing fertility, creation, and renewal. It is a chance to gently review ourselves and rejuvenate our relationships with clarity of mind and new perspectives. The vitality of the sun brings us dynamism, courage, and energy as we move toward longer days, blossoms, and rebirth.

So mark this date, join me & let’s experience the spirit of the Yoga Mala, experience the power of a moving meditation, heal yourself & help others to heal.


Honey x



The Rockpit Interview



“If you only knew Jaime Page from previous work nothing will prepare you for the heartfelt majesty of her solo release ‘Dark Universe’. Catch it all played live at the Charles Hotel Perth (not the Civic as advertised below – this just grew a lot bigger) on April 29th, it’s a night not to miss.” Mark Rockpit April 2016.


Planet Transgender Articles

Many thanks to Planet Transgender for taking the time to talk to me about my music and my journey. Ariel, you are a wonder!

There are two articles. An interview and a Dark Universe CD review. Click the links below to read the full stories.


The Interview…

Planet Transgender Review

The Album Review: The Audiobiographical Story!

Transgender Help In Perth

Where can you get help in Perth if you are Transgender? I had to find my own way, but ways also found me. Everything that is listed below is from personal experience and I recommend that you do your research to decide what is right for you.

Are you a parent or carer and feel that you could use more help?
Follow this link to PFLAG for more info:

A Psychologist That Understands You.

I was lucky enough to discover Serenity On South. Based in Como, they have a number of beautiful people that you will love. I have seen both Rachel Andrews and Juliette Lovell, (both now practising independently). I could not imagine doing this without them.

Phone: (08) 9474 4401, Address 155 South Terrace, Como 6152.

Do You Know Of An Endocrinologist?

A recommendation would be to get a referral to the Keogh Institute For Medical Research. Dr Nicole Opie has been particularly good for me and I would highly recommend her. Check Trans Health Australia’s list for more suggestions.

Keogh Institute For Medical Research

Street Address:
1st Floor. C Block.
QEII Medical Centre
Hospital Avenue. Nedlands WA 6009

Phone: 08 9346 2008


Speech Therapy For Transgender

Speech Pathologists Perth can help you find your gender voice. Follow the link below. They have years of experience in the field. Be the best you that you can be!

Osborne Park Clinic:

Ph: 9444 0481
Monday to Friday 8:30am – 5:00pm
Nikki Blond
Adele Jane
408 -412 Scarborough Beach Road, Osborne Park

Fremantle Clinic:

Ph: 9430 4199
23 Adelaide St, Fremantle WA 6160, Australia
Tuesday and Wednesday 8:30am – 5:00pm

For more voice help try the following links

Hair Removal

A painful thing for both your face/body and your purse. There are many good salons that provide excellent service. For good value,  I would look at Clearskin in Shenton Park. They are rather nice! Call 08 9388 1808. Find your closest location here.

My big tip: Ask your GP or Endo about Vaniqa cream. It works quite well. Prescription only. Used for post-menopausal hair growth. Expensive but great when paired with IPL or Electrolysis. Find out more about Vaniqa.

Another excellent choice for quality Laser is Dr Opie recommends them highly though I cannot vouch for them as have not tried them.



Surgery is an intensely personal subject that requires a lot of thought, support, and can cost you a lot of money. When you are ready to research the options there are three respected Thailand clinics that may be of particular interest. I can only comment on the ones that I have had some experience with or that friends have had good experiences at. This is just a guide, make your own decisions based on what is right for you.


The Preecha Aesthetic Institute – PAI is very popular. Having met them they are very knowledgeable, caring and helpful. Their attention to detail is notable. I know many that have used them and are very happy. Dr Burin is very talented, in you will love Bune, darlings 😉

The plus sides with PAI include being very close to the PAI clinic and also the hospital itself. They use Piyavate at this point. The hospital is a little older than some, but the care is very good. They recommend the Hotel Salil, which is very comfortable, with affordable meals and breakfast included. All these little things make for a more stress-free experience. There is also easy access for basic shopping close by, and Central Plaza Rama 9 is a great place for a more retail therapy vibe.

Dr Saran

The Dr Saran was very kind to me and the care was very good indeed. He used the Bangkok Hospital Chinatown, which was magnificent. There is a beautiful and affordable hotel close by named Shanghai Mansions. Be warned though that post surgery, you may want a hotel closer to the clinic as the drive is not always easy. Dr Saran can be very busy, and you may also wait longer times for consultations pre and post surgery. When you do get to see Dr S he is kind, fun, and very knowledgeable. I am very proud to know him.

Dr Suporn

Dr Suporn. I know many that have had wonderful experiences there, and the quality of work is excellent. I can’t make any further comment there as I don’t know!


Support Groups & Help

Transfolk Of WA

Transfolk of WA is a non-profit community group. They aim to provide a support network and a range of resources to transfolk and their loved ones.


Trans Health Australia

Trans Health Australia is a national Advocacy & Support Network that focuses on improving the medical services including support for mental health and surgery to benefit the health & well being of members of the Trans* (Transgender and/or Transsexual), and Gender Non-Conforming communities. Their focus is to raise visibility, educate and raise awareness of the issues and provide holistic peer support.



PFLAG stands for Parents, Families and Friends of Lesbians and Gays. PFLAG Perth is a volunteer-run, non-profit organisation in Western Australia, providing a support system for families and friends of people who are lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender or intersex (LGBTI), along with education and advocacy in the community.

I am proud to help raise money and awareness for PFLAG. They provide excellent support, I can vouch for that!


Helpful Transgender Resources, News, Articles…

Worth Watching TV, Movie, Documentary, Educational

Worth A Read Books

Interesting Articles From Around The Web


Jaime Page Interviews And Reviews

Here are some recent articles from Maria Haskins and an article from Perth Now/Sunday Times Confidential.

Maria Haskins Review

Maria Haskins Rock & Roll Review

 Perth Now

Perth Now/Sunday Times



Maria Haskins Rock & Roll Interview

Make A Wish – John Surman

Make A Wish - John Surman

On Saturday February 20 2016 , I was privileged to be a part of a beautiful Make A Wish presentation to John Surman at Penny Lane music school in Fremantle. On behalf of Kosmic, I presented John with a Fender Custom Shop ’69 Relic Stratocaster that was very much in the Jimi Hendrix ‘Woodstock’ mold. A special guitar for a special person.

We also furnished John with a Fender Mustang III amplifier and a swag of accessories.

Make A Wish - John Surman

With family, friends and Make A Wish volunteers in attendance, John led his band of friends, Richard from Penny Lane and myself through rousing renditions of Hey Joe, Foxy Lady, and Stepping Stone, the solo during Hey Joe bringing the crowd to their feet. His band were rocking, and It was an honour for me to get to play with them.

John is so passionate about his music, and it shows. His playing was superb, and he was every bit the rock star though his band did their best to upstage him, as rock stars do.

Personally, I wish all the very best to John, Angie and his lovely family and hope that I helped to make a difference.

What Make A Wish do is a beautiful thing. It brings happiness to where it is most needed, and all of us at Kosmic are proud to have been able to help and be a part of it.

Jaime Page

Make-A-Wish Australia
Kosmic Sound
Fender Custom Shop
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