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Dark Universe The Band

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Lightning In A Bottle…

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“It’s interesting you say that, actually,” Page responds humbly. “We’re not contrived with how we approach it, but that’s how I work: it’s all about emotion. Everything is about emotion, and we had that many moments in the studio that those tingles just kept coming back time and time again as we kept tweaking and playing with things, and there were tears from different people at different times.

“We saw these weird little emotional responses going on, because we were hitting some really, really powerful places. We were getting right to the heart of things… because with me there is no middle ground – if I’m feeling something, I’m gonna write about it.”

Travel Into The Black With Dark Universe

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About The Deepest Black Lyric Video


Deepest Black is the song that really started me on a new path of creativity. It took many years to work out who I was as a musician, but this song has given me a reason to go on ironically. (Read the words to get that).

I remember playing it in its first version to producer Stuart James at Kosmic. He practically started convulsing. Either it made him ill, or it hit him hard. The second option was correct, and Stuey has pushed and supported me ever since that day. We both love music that moves the soul.

The second victim was Donna Greene. We had just played a charity gig at the Rocket Room, which was our first glimpse of what would be our new musical vehicle, even though it was more to get Donna out and help her with the MS fight-back thing.

Donna asked me what I had been up to, so I played the same DB demo. Donna also convulsed. Not from the MS, or a bad tummy, but from a wave of raw emotion. You can see that emotion very clearly in this lyric vid. It may be subtle, but let go for the ride and immerse yourself, feel it with us. Donna also loves music that touches the soul, and at the deepest levels!

That is what Deepest Black is all about. The ability to feel. Empath along with us!!!

Jaime xxx

Preview: Bleed Me Dry Lyrics Video

The first offering from the forthcoming INTO THE BLACK CD; song titled: Bleed Me Dry.

Watch here >>

Inspired by the documentary on Jimi Hendrix’s last days, Bleed Me Dry can mean many things to many people. We hope to be able to complete our INTO THE BLACK album and if you like what you hear and would like to support us, we hope you will consider donating to our IndieGoGo campaign and help us to achieve our goal.

7th Heaven


Now that the dust has settled after the Gate One show it is time to get real and think about what comes next. My personal endgame is to get Dark Universe to the concert stages of Germany and beyond, taking our music far beyond these shores. I will make that happen I promise myself! It is time to complete Into The Black, and take off into the blue!


Thanks to Pete Gardner for capturing a moment in time that I would bottle if it was catchable. This post is to basically thank Pete for that and credit the photo, one that I will treasure forever, along with my bass partner in crime Craig Skelton.

This fleeting moment of joy sums up exactly where I am in my life with my music and also myself. That it took me so long to bloom is crazy enough, but at least I managed to get there in the end.



Pic courtesy of Pete Gardner Photography.


Into The Black Showcase

The Dark Universe dream goes up to eleven on Saturday, June 10 when we unleash the heart and soul of the Into The Black album, in all of its majestic glory. Gate One Theatre in Claremont gives us the opportunity to be what we feel we are, a band suited to large venues with high-quality concert production values.

We are intensely proud of the new album. It is a natural evolution of the original Dark Universe CD, but it does take you on a new journey, and we would love to offer you this preview of what is to come. Join the event on Facebook here…


Indiegogo Crowd Funding Campaign: Into The Black.

The show will be a seminal event for us as we move forward, and more importantly, in the lead-up, we will be launching our Indiegogo crowd-funding campaign.

If you would like to get involved now is your chance. We have some excellent bonus features that you can only access via the campaign, including a full-colour glossy magazine style booklet and up to three bonus album tracks.

For advance details of our Indiegogo campaign, please email me personally at

In the meantime, please support us by buying a ticket and attending this massive event.

Buy Concert Tickets Here

The Gig

Sponsored by Around The Sound and WAM, the night features not only Dark Universe but also the bands Lionizer and The Imperials. Both highly respected and not to be missed as a part of our showcase of Perth musical talent.

Last but not least, there is Richard Gerver’s ‘Minding your business’ seminar. Aimed squarely at Perth musicians that want to achieve at the highest level, Richard’s inspirational thoughts and ideas will lead you to greater heights. It will feature a Q&A session so you can ask the big questions relevant to you.

If you are serious about the business of music, you would not want to miss this.

Join the event on Facebook here…

More About Richard Gerver

Number-one best-selling author and award-winning speaker, Richard Gerver has worked with a variety of music industry leaders in the UK including senior leaders at Universal and Decca as well as the legendary Nick Raphael at Capitol Records.

Richard advises music industry leaders on how to lead change in a fast changing industry that has, in recent history, not been agile enough to lead itself through times of technological change.

In his newest book, Simple Thinking, Richard includes insights into the early success of global artists such as Sam Smith and JayZ, exploring the behaviours behind their sustained and global achievements.

While in Perth, Richard will share his insights into the music industry and discuss with participants how to be an entrepreneur when managing your career in the music industry. A WA Music Industry Association’s (WAM) study shows the WA music Industry is worth almost $1 billion per year.

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If Lyrics

“Eternal questions…”.


If I break this heart again
If I break your heart and then
From a distance call your name
Lost and found your own twin flame

If you feel the love…
The love you feel inside
Can you feel the pain
A love you can never hide

Hold me – Won’t you love me
Give me reason to go on..

If I break this heart again
If I break your heart and then
Like a memory lost in time
Mystic bond you feel inside

Did you feel the same?
Its like a word you can’t explain
Did you feel the light
And did you catch it deep inside?

Hold me – Wont you love me
Give me reason to go on..

If I share my heart and then
We don’t share this path again
If you gracefully decline
I would wait for you in time

Oo-oh you know you lift me
Ooo-oh you dream fulfil me
Break these chains and be there with me
And learn to love again…

If you feel the love…
The love you feel inside
Did you feel the light
Did you catch it in your mind?

Hold me – Wont you love me
Give me reason to go on..

If I break this heart again
If I break your heart and then
If I share my heart with you
Then believe you always knew

If you feel the love…

© Jaime Page 2016

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Dark Universe Lyrics

“So alone…”.

Dark Universe

It’s cold here in my dark place
Somewhere lost in emptiness
I’m lost here in my dark space
So lonely a better place

It’s cold here in my dark place
Somewhere lost in emptiness
I’m lost here in my dark space
So lonely a better place

When life seems to fall away
And nights like this it all makes sense
And time seems to drift away
And maybe you could be someone else for a while
And you wish you could change your mind
A life in the distance is easy to live
But close up it can make you cry
The reasons to believe can fall thru your hands
But you know not to question why

I’m broken, lost and hurting, a runaway
I’m falling, hear my calling, a castaway

Your welcome in my dark place
Just strangers and endless days
It’s cold here in my dark place
Somewhere lost in empty space

© Jaime Page 2016

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Deepest Black Lyrics

“From the darkest depths of one’s soul. You are looking for Light, but seeing only Black. You deny your passion and longing, but ultimately find your true self…”


So far from nowhere
Evil unholy
Its dark
And nothing else lives here

No point in Fighting
This hurt inside me
I wait and long for you

I cant go on
I cant go on
With wounded heart
I will be gone


I’ts cold, lonely
These tears that bind me
So far falling deeper down

One last hold me
Then Bleed me slowly
My aching will be done

I will be gone
I will be gone
This broken heart
These broken shards


I cant go on
I cant go on
The black inside
When feelings die


© Jaime Page 2016

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Dark Universe Deluxe Edition

After the joy and excitement of seeing the Dark Universe CD come to life, I now have the amazing opportunity to finish what I started!

Here is a look at what is to come.

7 – My Seventh Heaven.

I love numerology, and this one wrote itself. It is about the triumph over adversity and the feeling that none can drag you down. A song about Freedom and empowerment. This one will surely hit a few nerves, but at the same time be the most uplifting song I have ever written. It is the polar opposite of Deepest Black. I love this song!

Falling In A Dream

This one is about love, loss, yearning, and of course, dreaming. A rather emotional one for me. We all dream, but few dare to try and live the dream. It is also about surrendering yourself and letting yourself go, to be free and take a chance.

Alone At The End Of The World

I have been there so many times. So alone. At the end. This one was written on a very sad day indeed. I am sure we have all been there at some time.

Bleed Me Dry

I wrote this from two perspectives. One of which was based on watching a documentary about the death of Jimi Hendrix and the managerial politics that may have had a hand in this awful tragedy.

The other side was oddly a Lady Gaga influence would you believe. I like some of her writing and arrangements. An unusual mix, but full of emotion. This song could be about anyone being used and spat out.

Don’t Go

Essentially, Don’t Go is a plea to myself not to give in when I am at my lowest ebb. It is about keeping the faith when all is lost.

There will be some extra bonus tracks. Up to four if all goes well. I have put everything I have into these songs, and I pray that you will love them too.

Goodbye, and Hello

Without going deeply into specifics, my life is very shortly going to be changed forever.

The true spirit that lies inside of me has been quietly growing stronger and is now preparing to fly, literally! This Monday I board my flight of destiny.

The years of pain and struggle have been dissolving before my eyes, replaced by a surreal, beautiful new reality. I see the world through brand new eyes, and I love that.

There will be more pain to come I am sure, but I am prepared to face the challenges.

I am deeply indebted to all of you, my special friends and family that have given me so much unconditional love.

Your support has been invaluable, whether it is a hug, a kind word, deed, financial or otherwise.

It is time to break with the past in more ways than one, and this is the biggest leap of faith I have ever undertaken.

And so, in saying that, I would also like to say a thank you and goodbye to all my friends and customers from my time at Kosmic.

I am currently working on the Dark Universe Deluxe Edition, and I am very proud of our latest songs. Alone At The End Of The World, Falling In A Dream, Bleed Me Dry, Weight Of The World and Don’t Go, 7, plus a few ‘bonus’ tracks. I hope you like them!!

I do intend to keep making music and hope to find a new career path, possibly in a new area. I can only wish and hope for the best, which I am sure is still to come.

See you on the other side.